For purposes of these TFS Application Terms:

“Application” means your answers to the Application Form, any files you upload (including your pitch deck), and all other information you provide to startup champions and TFS.

“TFS” means Toyota Financial Services, a brand name used by Toyota Motor Credit Corporation, and its parent or affiliated companies.

“You”, and “your” means the person submitting the Application and the legal entity on behalf of whom the person is submitting the Application.

By submitting your Application, you agree that:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You are not being asked to share proprietary, "secret sauce" information in the application process. TFS will work with ventures to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure fair treatment of any IP or ideas.
  • TFS may have earlier worked on, or may already be working on, the same or a similar idea, and that TFS may have received the same or similar ideas from others.
  • In no event will TFS be limited in, or restricted from, the pursuit of any opportunities, either alone or with third parties, including, without limitation, the development of its own product(s) that compete with you or your Application.
  • TFS is not agreeing to compensate you in any way.
  • You agree that if any action is brought to resolve a dispute between TFS and you, exclusive venue for such action shall be in the courts of the State of Texas located in Dallas County, and the law governing the resolution of such dispute shall be that of the State of Texas.
  • You understand that by making this Application, TFS assumes no obligation to evaluate or do anything further with the Application.
  • TFS will contact you within 6-8 weeks of submission of your application and will inform you of next steps.