Are you an entrepreneur with a passion to create innovative business solutions to solve customers' needs?

Our passion is the customer first, and we're seeking like minds to help us as we transform from an automotive company to a mobility company.  Let's discover new opportunites in automotive, finance, and mobility, solve tough problems and bring value to whom we serve.

  • How do we help people move freely, where and when they want to, regardless of distance?
  • How do we provide flexible financial services that reassure our customers during times of uncertainty?
  • How can we contribute to our communities and improve their quality of life?

These are some of the many questions we've asked ourselves, and we hope you can help us develop solutions that answer them.

We're extending an invitation for you to share your customer centric solutions with the potential for partnership, whether your product or service will be in the market for the first time, or if you are looking for expansion.

We're excited about the possibilities!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Strategic Innovation! Currently we do not have any open campaigns, but we will keep your contact information on file. Please visit our story page to learn more about SI as well as our past partnerships and campaigns.


Startup phase – startups with seed funding, Series A, Series B, Series C, etc.

Product or Service solution - must have a working product or proven service solution 

Business model - solves a market need and delivers value to customers

USA registered - company must be registered in the USA

Flexibility - willing to travel (if allowed with COVID-19) and dedicate time to meet TFS’ timeline for incubation

Accessibility - key team members (tech lead and product owner) need to devote time for 2-3 meetings per week, plus prep time

Certified diverse supplier - We’re especially eager to hear from ventures that are certified diverse suppliers

Financial stability - debt disclosure required, cash position is relatively secure 

Compliance - will verify compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

Legal/Risk - low risk related to change of laws, interpretation of law, legal entity structure, no red flags associated with ability to meet the terms of any contract or to perform as agreed, no open court cases or fraud

How to participate

Please review the following guidelines carefully before applying:

  1. Only one application per company, please.
  2. Your startup must meet the eligibility criteria outlined above and be looking to raise capital within the next six months.
  3. The call for partnership is not a contest or competition, and there are no “prizes.” It is an opportunity to get your startup’s solution in front of the Strategic Innovation team within TFS. The Strategic Innovation team is not agreeing to compensate you in any way as a result of applying, and all eligible participants are subject to standard diligence.
  4. Applications should be submitted by one of the startup’s founders, or someone approved to apply on behalf of the founder(s) and should only include information about your company that you are authorized to share. Please avoid submitting highly sensitive or confidential information. Read our Privacy Policy to learn about our information security and privacy practices.
  5. By applying, you acknowledge that you are giving the Strategic Innovation team and Toyota affiliates the right to review the information you have submitted, and to request additional information from you as needed to further evaluate your startup.


The focus of the Strategic Innovation group is to foster an innovative culture and incubate new business opportunities for Toyota Financial Services. With strong C-Suite support, this team works independently to quickly identify new innovations and revenue streams.

Strategic Innovation team is the strategic business venture arm of Toyota Financial Services (TFS). This group is always seeking new partners to innovate. Through successful partnerships, we can speed up scalability and explore opportunities for better quality of life.

Select startups will receive compensation for the delivery of a minimum viable product (MVP) with a unique opportunity to move to a proof of concept phase, at which time a master service agreement will be entered into. Startups will also get direct experience with TFS leadership and an opportunity to learn the Toyota Way. The ecosystem builder who makes such a valuable introduction will enhance their reputation and value as a champion to local startups.

The Strategic Innovation team will screen applications to ensure the ventures meet all eligibility criteria. SI team may reach out to seek clarification of any questions they may have about the startups. Strategic Innovation team will notify all ventures of their application status within 6-8 weeks after submission. 

The Strategic Innovation team partnership begins with incubation through the development of a minimum viable product (MVP). Upon validation that the MVP meet certain KPIs, a proof of concept with a prescribed user population will be conducted. Adjustments to POCs are made throughout the incubation period with the goal of understanding the viability of commercialization.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for application review, after which, you may then reach out by emailing us at