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Strategic Innovation

As the business incubation arm of Toyota Financial Services (TFS), our vision is to innovate and grow new business opportunities for TFS. Our team of enthusiasts are always on the lookout for ingenuity in the automotive, financial, and mobility sectors. If you have a unique value proposition, whether directly or indirectly within our focus, we want to hear about it!



You Can Learn a Lot in Just Half a Mile

The new EZ10 electric autonomous vehicle, sponsored by TFS Strategic Innovation, shuttles up to six seated passengers to and from the parking garage at Children’s Medical Center Plano. 

Being Present Where Your Feet Are

April is Stress Awareness Month. These days stress awareness may be more important to understand and recognize than any other time in recent history. Our world is recovering from the turmoil and trauma the pandemic left, as well as the normal stress of family, work and life that seems to be ever present. 


Driving and exploring should be a stress-free experience.

​Our flexible, self-service solution gives you the freedom of having your own car without the ownership costs.

​Drive without the burden of down payments, monthly bills, and unexpected maintenance. All of our daily rates include insurance, 24/7 roadside assistance, and maintenance -- so you can just focus on driving.